Overview: GTS Technology Awards

The GTS Technology Awards are dedicated to all tech companies, software developers and IT professionals who are developing revolutionary solutions, establishing and refining best practices, contributing success to IT industry and becoming thought technology and business leaders.

GTS Technology Awards celebrate their wins, honor their achievements and encourage them to achieve greater success in the future.

Awards Ceremony

Date: 27 November 2018

Venue: National Palace of Culture (NDK) Hall 3

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CodeMonsters 2017 Speakers

Andrew Krug


Elaine Ou


Siren Hofvander

Min Doktor

Steve Kosten

Cypress Data Defense

Aaron Cure

Puma Security

Alvaro Muñoz


Karolina Marzantowicz


Laszlo Boa


Nikolas Burk


Linda Naeun Lee

Tor Project

Michael Schrenk

Itai Grady


Javier Godinez


Stefan Judis


Pascal Hertleif


Marc Schettke

GTS Technology Awards 2018

Nominations & Benefits


The 1st annual GTS Technology Awards categories open for nominations on October 15, 2018. 

If you are interested in nominating a candidate for an award, please select the applicable category to view the nomination requirements.

No Entry Fee

We welcome all companies, professionals and managers.

Entry is free of charge and we encourage you to share this link with any colleagues you think have achievements in tech industry worth honoring.



Winners receive an GTS Tech Awards trophy. They are considered for placement in GTS publications and speaking or sponsorship opportunities at GTS events. 

All nominees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

1 Event
20 Categories
6 Special Awards
700 Guests

CodeMonsters Tracks

Core Languages

C/C++, JavaScript, Python, .NET/Mono, PHP, Ruby and Others

Emerging Languages

Go, Rust, Swift, Node.js

Modern Web

JavaScript frameworks & tools, CSS3, HTML5

Mobile Development

iOS, Android, Cross-platform frameworks


SQL, NoSQL, Distribution, Replication, Performance

Backend & HPC

Services frameworks and tools, Scaling, Performance Tuning, Algorithms

Big Data & Analytics

Data Storage, Processing, Analysis, Decision Making

QA Engineering

Continuous Integration, Automation, Verification

Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure

The Operations perspective on Software Development

Development process, Methodologies, Tools

The healthy environment needed for every IT Professional

Security & Risk Management

Designing robust applications resilient to contemporary attacks

IoT and Robotics

RPi, Arduino, Embedded

Company Awards

Tech Professionals Awards

Managers in Tech Awards

See more info about categories


Special Awards @ GTS Technology Awards

GTS Special Awards are given each year to recognize outstanding achievements of companies or individuals from tech industry that support the entire business, society, education and tech communities.

  • #Audience’s Favorite Dev
  • #Contributor of Youth Tech Environment
  • #Best Tech Alumni
  • #Dev Community Contributor

The Special Sustainability Award will honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice.

  • #Sustainability Award

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